Invoxia Audioffice


When I last wrote about Invoxia’s AudiOffice, I had one complaint… its lack of Lightning support for modern iOS devices. Fortunately, its new device fixes this. I actually had another minor complaint—its name, which led me to joke that it was an accessory for Audi automobiles! In the latest version, the mixed-case name is gone, now simply called Audioffice ($299).

The newer Audioffice is an elegant accessory, with a companion app, invoxia (free) that turns your iPhone, iPad, or Android device into a full function conference room speakerphone. You also can use internal and alternative apps like FaceTime, Skype, etc.



iShower te ajuta sa asculti muzica preferata la dus :)


Having quality audio anywhere you go can enhance just about any situation – and Bluetooth® speakers can make that happen. Unfortunately a majority of these speakers aren’t inexpensive, so using them in any condition whatseover – especially where water is involved – can be very risky.

Ubuntu Phone OS este disponibil pentru cei interesati


Canonical has rolled out the Ubuntu Phone OS preview today, in addition to the Tablet OS preview. Be careful if you want to try it out on your Nexus 4, though. From the Touch release notes:

In rare circumstances, the Nexus4 may get into a state where it may not boot at all after the battery is drained ( even into recovery ). If this happens, the only way to restore it is to disassemble the back of the phone and unplug/plug the battery connector.

Keep in mind that the Phone OS, just like the Tablet OS, is still in an early alpha development stage. Jono Bacon puts it this way:

It is important to remember that this is in-development software and as such is not finished yet. You are going to find that some features and applications are missing, and you will likely find bugs. We wanted to release the code and images early so that our community can try the software, provide feedback, and be able to join the development effort. With this goal to get the content out early we just want to ensure everyone fully understands that this is not yet a final product. I strongly recommend you only install the code/images on a spare handset/tablet and not your main phone/tablet due to the fact it is in-development code.

Pentru download si instalare folisiti link-ul de mai jos:

Ubuntu Phone


While it’s not quite up to the level of RIM’s Port-a-Thon events, Canonical plans to have a dozen “core apps” ready to go for Ubuntu Phone when it hits shelves. The apps will be included on the phone, and aim to give users the foundation they’ve come to expect in handset software offerings. Developers who are interested in participating need to hit up Canonical’s site for mock-up designs.
The dozen apps include four social apps: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as an RSS reader. The remaining eight are your standard smartphone applications, such as calculator, an email client, calendar, alarm clock, file manager,and even a terminal. The 12 final apps will end up shipping with the phone, and will be in addition other core apps are aren’t part of the project.

Developers interested in participating need to request access to the MyBalsamiq website, where the current designs for the app are available, and where developers can add their own designs for viewing and comments. Mock-up designs can be uploaded, but according to OMG Ubuntu, final designs aren’t wanted.