NVIDIA Tegra 4


Back during CES the folks at NVIDIA announced their all new Tegra 4 quad-core mobile processor to take on the world. Then last week they revealed the new Tegra 4i with 4G LTE, as well as a new Phoenix reference smartphone platform. Now, this week at MWC we’ve had an opportunity to take a peek at their new superchip complete with benchmarks and plenty of pictures and video below.
NVIDIA’s new quad-core Tegra 4 with 72 GPU’s for amazing gaming performance is here present in a few reference tablets (not for sale) as well as their just announced Phoenix reference smartphone. For starters this is not final software, is in the early stages, but still gives us an idea of what to expect moving forward from team green. We got a quick glance at Real Boxing on the Tegra 4 – which looks amazing – as well as a few other games.

For starters this video below is the Phoenix reference phone running their 2.3 GHz quad-core Tegra 4i, which will hit the market later this year complete with integrated 4G LTE. The phone here is a 5-inch 1920 x 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, 13 megapixel HDR camera, and super thin. Just like NVIDIA detailed last week, they hope this reference design will help companies bring high-end smartphones with the Tegra 4i to market faster, and for under $300 off contract.





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