HTC One sincronizeaza datele din Back-up efectuat cu Iphone


Sometimes as Android users we tend to forget how great it is that we can switch devices with impunity and not have to worry about transferring everything over from one smartphone to another. Don’t like the Samsung Galaxy S III? That’s cool you can pick up a Nexus 4 and your contacts and photos are there in Google’s cloud for you to access at your convenience. The Note 2 too large for your hands? No big deal just grab a Droid Razr Maxx HD from your local Verizon store and so long as you uploaded your files to Google Music, a quick sync and you’re poppin’ and lockin’ to Ollie and Jerry in no time. With everything backed up to your GMail account, it takes nothing more than logging into your new device and just like that all of your stuff magically appears.

It’s not such an easy transition if you are coming from another platform however. How many times have you talked to an iPhone user who would like to make the switch but they are so locked in to the Apple ecosystem they are reluctant to make the jump. Even worse is the person who upgrades from an IOS device to a brand spanking new Android handset, and while the absolutely love it, there is just too much data left behind that they go back to Apple. I actually know two people with whom that latter story applied and they ended up leaving the Galaxy S III for the iPhone 5. Not for the device itself, but switching everything over was such a pain in the ass that they just gave up.

Well HTC may just have the answer for Apple converts who would like to jump ship to join the good guys, all the while giving them a smooth transition in the process, the HTC sync manager. Up until now the application went onto your computer and allowed users to sync all of their media as well as their contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, and documents between the PC and their HTC device. However now with the upcoming release of the HTC One, the new version of sync manager will have the ability to read through iTunes backups and sift through certain data for transfer to your new Android phone. The data that can be transferred will be photos, videos, calendar entries, and text messages.

Is it a perfect solution? No but it’s a start and it will help make the transition from an iPhone to at least the HTC One a lot easier. We’ll be sure to update you if more HTC devices become compatible with this service.


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